Case Studies

International Website Development Company

200 employees, 15M+ in Revenue. Their previous social media presence was sporadic and sparse, they had under 5,000 followers and no engagement. Their likes were bought and they had zero revenue coming from their social media campaigns.  Within 18 months we grew ...


Executive Coaching Consulting Firm

Completed on: September 11th, 2017

15 employees, 1.5M in Revenue. Client came to us with zero online presence. We set up accounts on all RELEVANT social platforms.  In six months they have closed several new clients based on specific and targeted Facebook and LinkedIn ads.&...


Start Up Professional Speaking and Development Coach

1 employee, undisclosed revenue: The client came to us when the business was still in the conceptual stages. We implemented a strategy and plan that helped her create buzz before her company even opened. We built her list to over 500 people ...


Bed & Breakfast Inn

8 Employees, undisclosed revenue: Bookings were not possible to obtain online, postings were done once or twice a month, no clear call to action existed and no strategy was developed.  Within one month of working with us, we had clear ...